WAOA21 Accepted Papers

Marten Maack, Friedhelm Meyer Auf der Heide and Simon Pukrop. Server Cloud Scheduling
Stavros Kolliopoulos and Antonis Skarlatos. Precedence-Constrained Covering Problems with Multiplicity Constraints
Hao Sun. An Improved Approximation Bound for Minimum Weight Dominating Set on Graphs of Bounded Arboricity
Toshihiro Fujito and Takumi Tatematsu. On b-Matchings and b-Edge Dominating Sets: A 2-Approximation Algorithm for the 4-Edge Dominating Set Problem
Václav Blažej, Pratibha Choudhary, Dušan Knop, Jan Matyáš Křišťan, Ondrej Suchy and Tomáš Valla. Constant Factor Approximation for Tracking Paths and Fault Tolerant Feedback Vertex Set
Marcin Bienkowski, Martin Böhm, Martin Koutecký, Thomas Rothvoß, Jiří Sgall and Pavel Veselý. Improved Analysis of Online Balanced Clustering
G. Jaykrishnan and Asaf Levin. EPTAS for Load Balancing Problem on Parallel Machines with a Non-renewable Resource
Yann Disser, Max Klimm and David Weckbecker. Fractionally Subadditive Maximization under an Incremental Knapsack Constraint
Dylan Huizing and Guido Schäfer. The Traveling k-Median Problem: Approximating Optimal Network Coverage
Nikhil Bansal and Ilan Cohen. Contention Resolution, Matrix Scaling and Fair Allocation
Ilan Cohen, Izack Cohen and Iyar Zaks. Weighted completion time minimization for capacitated parallel machines
Björn Tauer and Laura Vargas Koch. FIFO and Randomized Competitive Packet Routing Games
Waldo Gálvez, Francisco Sanhueza-Matamala and José A. Soto. Approximation Algorithms for Vertex-Connectivity Augmentation on the Cycle
Szymon Dudycz, Pasin Manurangsi and Jan Marcinkowski. Tight Inapproximability of Minimum Maximal Matching on Bipartite Graphs and Related Problems
Leah Epstein. Several methods of analysis for cardinality constrained bin packing
Jeff Giliberti and Andreas Karrenbauer. Improved Online Algorithm for Fractional Knapsack in the Random Order Model